Update June 2012: Volunteering at the Willow Creek Care Center

Fellow Willow Creek volunteers and their families. Chatting and listening to the band.

Willow Creek held an event at the Church parking lot yesterday. As a “Thank You” event for the volunteers, general announcements and a (large) group photo session.

Serving teams from the various days gathered together at the tables or stood around and chatted before the speakers took to the stage.They announced the launch of a new website for the Care Center. There was a live band on stage, and we ate a Chick-fil-A meal. A (tasty) Regular Chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A dipping sauce, a bag of classic Lays potato chips and a very yummy cookie.

My Willow Creek Care Center volunteer t-shirt & letter group reminder

The above is a picture of the Volunteer T-shirt  I received during the event along with the letter formation note for the photo.  The event ended with some dancing and  the team leaders getting recognition onstage. I had a fine time there.

One more thing I want to mention, not related to the above event is this…

Canned Skinless, Boneless Smoked Sardine Fillets in Maple Syrup

This was donated to the Food Pantry earlier this year. I have never tasted it and felt uneasy packing it into one of the food bags for the guests. Anyone care to comment on how it tastes?

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