Laza Modz Custom XBOX 360 and PS3 controllers

Laza Modz is a  company based in the state of Virginia that modifies original, authentic, brand new PS3 and XBOX 360 controllers. I found out about this via Darksydephil of the DSPGaming youtube channel .

Note before playing the vid: he swears during the video review

PS3 form:
XBOX 360 form:

Rapid Fire modes
Thumb stick color or color illuminated
Controller status light colors
Color of the body/shell of the controller
Logos, custom text or design

You seem to get slightly more customization options with XBOX 360 controllers, more buttons that can light up and button styles.

Best of all they accept modifications of a (PS3/360)  controller that you already own, if your don’t want to pay for an entirely new one. What they call their mail in modification service.

Might be a really cool gift for that console gamer you know…


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