Having trouble watching the Olympics online stream? Try using Firefox

I  began watching the online Streaming content on NBCOlympics.com . Looks like they are using Youtube and Adobe Flash Player this time. For the 2008 games they used Microsoft Silverlight. Makes sense though, Youtube has proven itself in streaming live events and proving a “video on demand” experience.

For some odd reason I was experiencing an issue trying to confirm my TV service provider, in order to access the Live Stream and the Full replays. While using Google Chrome to navigate the site, pressing the confirmation button only made the page refresh and prompt for my information over and over again.

I decided to try Mozilla Firefox and that Adobe Flash Player plugin. Lucky for me it works. I am able to watch both the live streams and Full replays of the events. Only had to do it that one time too. Just wanted to share this tip to anyone trying to watch the games online.

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