About Me

A tech enthusiast and then some…

I have had an interest in Information Technology for over a decade now and I enjoy the fact that there is always something for me learn about. Older technology that I never had a chance to work on before or emerging products and services that seem like something I would find useful or entertaining.  Aside from IT, I also enjoy watching films, trying foods from different cultures, reading, listening to music.

A collection of my thoughts and opinions…

I was looking for a place to clear my mind.  Sometimes I have so many different thoughts on my mind that it gets  a little much.  Why here?  Quite a few of my favorite blogs use this service/system so I decided to give it a shot. Since it is going to be filled with my personal personal opinion, the entries may be about technology one day and I might be talking about a completely different topic on the next post.

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-Jose Antonio “Tonyx35” Marcelino