Hubpages and Squidoo combining!

Squidoo and Hubpages are two websites where registered users can post complex articles about very many topics. according to the announcement post on the Hubpages website, Squidoo features will be integrating into the existing site.


I have actually typed stuff up for both sites. The one feature that I hope gets into Hubpages is the adventure badges. Two of them both use various media boxes that make up the articles (Text, picture, embed video via Youtube). Basically helps with structuring your articles. if you want to read some my posts.




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June 2014 – Steam Summer Sale goes on

It’s June 23rd and we are still in the PC gaming madness that is known as the Steam Summer Sale. Digital Download of games gets discounted from 30% to 75% percent off. In certain cases this includes Bundles and franchises such as FarCry or Bioshock. Even discounts on pre-orders.  I made a quick post about it on another site.


The Summer sales will end 30th.





Firefox version 30 is out

We go from version 29 to 30 and the biggest change is a quick button that shows a pull down menu for your favorites/bookmarks. Placed next to the “bookmark” star button.


The color scheme and default look of the tabs still remind me of Chrome.

Reading Rainbow flaring up on KickStarter

This is probably the best news I have heard all month  TV Actor, Internet personality  Levar Burton started a Kickstarter campaign to bring back a project he was previously involved with. Reading Rainbow.  They have raised 3 Million USD already but at 5 Million, We can get RR on video game consoles and streaming devices like the Roku. Finally get it on Android too. I don’t own an Apple iphone or iPad so can’t use the app.

30 days left to go.  Awesome show when it was on TV one of the few reason I  even watched PBS back in the day. Reading time happened a lot more often on that show  than  at my library.


Don’t use Memtest86 3.x on newer computers

So I was troubleshooting this Toshiba Notebook when I wanted to check if the memory/RAM was in working order. Here comes in Memtest86. The only problem was that I didn’t have a dedicated CD-R boot CD made of the latest release.

I used an old version of Memtest86 it was version 3.3 or something. It loaded and ran the tests. Saw the CPU as a Intel Pentium III @ 2.0 Ghz.  In actuallity the CPU was an Intel Pentium Dual core @ 2.10 Ghz

Mozilla Firefox 24 reminder

Version 24 of Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser was released last month. Performance and security fixes. Also adds “Close all tabs to the right” feature.

Google Chrome 28 is out

Changing the rendering engine to something called Blink. Changing over from WebKit. There are also changes dealing with notifications on the Windows desktop OS. Security updates as usual.