So I uninstalled Google Chrome…

After experiencing so many  crashes with the past two versions (26 and 27) of Google Chrome, I decided to uninstall it completely from my main computer. The  isolated crashes feature stopped working and with each new update of Adobe Flash, the crashes became even more frequent. I watch a lot of streaming video via Flash Player. Only used two add ons from the Chrome App store.

I’m actually typing this up from Opera Browser.


Loss of a storage Device 2013

Earlier today I plugged in one of my USB pen drive/thumb drive only to find that it is no longer readable. I can’t even format it, run checkdisk and what not.  I was using this for nearly a year until this critical failure.


Windows just tells me ” Please insert a device / no device found”.

Thankfully I use my pen drives/thumb drives for sneakernet purposes. No real harm done.


I will still continue buying this brand product line despite the loss. Another chance.



Google Chrome 27 is out

Google Chrome 27 about

Google Chrome is out and according to the Google Chrome blog:

  • Web Pages load faster
  • Improvements to the Omnibar (Address/search bar)
  • Security fixes

Google Reader service is ending this year!?

So if you’ve logged on to Google Reader in the past few days, you’ve probably seen the prompt below:

The End of Google Reader

The End of Google Reader is coming

While I only really use it for tracking new “podcast” episode releases,  this means I’ve going to have to go back to a desktop client. Hopefully there’s a way to export the subscription list.


Google Chrome 25 is out

Google has released a new major version of the Google Chrome web Browser. It has been out for a week now.


  • Improvements in managing and securing your extensions
  • Better support for HTML5 time/date inputs
  • JavaScript Web Speech API support
  • Better WebGL error handling
  • And lots of other features for developers

Dredd on Blu-ray – It won’t play!

Dredd (2012) Blu-ray cover

Dredd (2012) Blu-ray cover

I got a copy of DREDD from Best Buy, (on release week) and popped it into the standalone Blu-ray player only to find that it would not load. You could hear the disc spinning in the player but no progress would be made.

I tried it on a Sony PlayStation 3 and it had the same issue. After doing some quick research on the Internet. It appears I’m not the only one. Another connection is that we got our copies from the same source Best Buy.


I would be fine if say the 3D version wouldn’t play but the 2D one would. A Problem I experienced with The Amazing Spider-Man 3D/2D Blu-ray combo pack. with Dredd it’s only 1 Disc. Maybe buying your media from a single source isn’t always a smart move.

Firefox 17 is out!

About Dialog box for Mozilla Firefox 17

About Dialog box for Mozilla Firefox 17

Mozilla Firefox 17 was released at the end of last month


  • Performance improvements
  • First revision of the Social API and support for Facebook Messenger
  • Sandbox attribute for iframes (HTML 5)

Read the rest of the release notes