VGM Entry# 46 Super Back to the Future II

Song: Main Theme
Game: Super Back to the Future II Wikipedia Entry
Platform: Super Family Computer (Japanese SNES)

For those who ever wished to hear the 16-bit version of the  Back to the Future theme.


VGM Entry#41

Song: Title Screen theme
Game: Adventures of Batman and Robin Wikipedia Entry
Platform:  SNES/SFC

Nintendo Wii

I’ve had a Nintendo Wii for a few months now and I’ve got to say that it’s a decent gaming device. It’s not for the High-Def enthusiast since it can only output at 480 i/p (4:3 and Wide)   I have it hooked up to a 32″ HDTV and the unit gets most of its workout from Guitar Hero & RockBand at the moment.  I used to stick the sensor bar on top of the TV but the adhesive as worn out. The battery level indicator works well enough to warn me when to change batteries. It’s more fun as a party device (Wii Sports and the previously mentioned Guitar Hero & RockBand) are a few games on system that I would like to add to my collection eventually…

The Wii is also a good system for those who are fans of the older gaming eras such as the “16-bit” era of video games. This is all thanks to the Virtual Console. You’ll want to  pickup a Wii Classic Controller Pro since the button layout on the standard Wii remote is not all that great for the 16-bit and more recent era games.

The games I recommend from the Super NES are:

The Games I recommend from the Sega Genesis are:

Virtual Console also has NES, Turbo Grafix, Sega Master System, N64 titles available for download.  Everything still works fine even after all these months of regular use.