Hubpages and Squidoo combining!

Squidoo and Hubpages are two websites where registered users can post complex articles about very many topics. according to the announcement post on the Hubpages website, Squidoo features will be integrating into the existing site.


I have actually typed stuff up for both sites. The one feature that I hope gets into Hubpages is the adventure badges. Two of them both use various media boxes that make up the articles (Text, picture, embed video via Youtube). Basically helps with structuring your articles. if you want to read some my posts.




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June 2014 – Steam Summer Sale goes on

It’s June 23rd and we are still in the PC gaming madness that is known as the Steam Summer Sale. Digital Download of games gets discounted from 30% to 75% percent off. In certain cases this includes Bundles and franchises such as FarCry or Bioshock. Even discounts on pre-orders.  I made a quick post about it on another site.


The Summer sales will end 30th.





Was Friday the 13th today

So it is the end of June, 13th, 2014. A Friday. Thankfully nothing strange happened. It was actually a good day. Found some good reading material. Still going thought E3 announcements and had some “comfort” food for dinner.



The 2014 TMNT trailer is out on the Internet

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ TMNT reboot movie trailer has been released for public viewing. You can read  my initial thoughts/reaction here.

A few freezing days

Here in Illinois, we have been experiencing some really cold weather. For the past few days the temps have been below freezing. -14 , -11 and haven’t hit above freezing. This is on top of the several inches of show that we got.

It’s been so bad that none of the local restaurants were willing to deliver and the public schools are closed because of the cold temps.