Dredd on Blu-ray – It won’t play!

Dredd (2012) Blu-ray cover

Dredd (2012) Blu-ray cover

I got a copy of DREDD from Best Buy, (on release week) and popped it into the standalone Blu-ray player only to find that it would not load. You could hear the disc spinning in the player but no progress would be made.

I tried it on a Sony PlayStation 3 and it had the same issue. After doing some quick research on the Internet. It appears I’m not the only one. Another connection is that we got our copies from the same source Best Buy.


I would be fine if say the 3D version wouldn’t play but the 2D one would. A Problem I experienced with The Amazing Spider-Man 3D/2D Blu-ray combo pack. with Dredd it’s only 1 Disc. Maybe buying your media from a single source isn’t always a smart move.


My Modern Warfare 3 midnight Launch experience

I decided to tag along on one of these Midnight Launch events for the game, Modern Warfare 3. The venue was a Best Buy store in IL. I was

It was a rainy night and add a long waiting line extending well outside the store. I observed one excited gamer in just house clothes and flip-flops. Some folks in line talked about he series’ storyline, while others watched the preview videos on smartphones to pass the time. During the long wait, the Best Buy staff handed out a free MW3 Poster to each person waiting in line. We didn’t get the copy of the game until a little after 1:00 AM. We were in that line for Just over an hour.

The Game itself is good. Only tried the Multiplayer. Seems like another solid entry into the  series.