Cadbury 5 Star chocolate candy bar

Picture of a 5star candy bar

A chocolate candy bar with caramel filling.  Cadbury produces this candy bar for the consumers in India. I found it to be quite good but a little small compared to some of the comparable US candy bars.

The are other 5star candy bar variations:  Crunchy, and “Fruit & Nut”. Hopefully I can find these other flavors at some point.

Additional Info:
Cadbury India 


Chocolate cake,Pocky and Strawberries

Pocky Cake by ~MoonshineMustardseed of deviantart

An online acquaintance of mine sent me a link to this deviantart post since she knew about my love for Pocky. It gives me an idea for my next Birthday.  Perhaps I’ll use a variety of flavors to encircle the cake or something similar. I’m not too fond of the strawberries on top though.


Orion Choco FLAKI cereal bar

The Import label has the item named CHOCO FLAKE and it’s a crunchy cereal bar. It’s contains corn flakes and crunchy rice lightly coated with some chocolate. There are similar products here in the US. The actually size of the bars are smaller than the ones found here in the states. The good part is that the package I bought turned out to have 4 of these smaller sized cereal bars (individually sealed)  for under $1.50

Nice, if you ever wanted to share it others or were trying to make it last. It was more about the crunch than the  chocolate. The Choco pie I recently posted about had more flavor.  Perhaps I should be looking something more unique than a cereal bar when I pick up something my local Asian market. I’ll continue trying Korean snack foods since It’s I’ve had plenty of experiences with Japanese and Filipino snacks.

Additional Info:
Orion Confectionery Wikipedia Entry