VGM Entry#61 Contra

Cover by Vicsanmusic on Youtube

Song: Waterfall theme
Game: Contra Wikipedia Entry
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System


VGM Entry#60: Ni No Kuni Piano cover

Piano Cover  by Jizyn on Youtube 

Song: Field/ World Map theme
Game: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch Wikipedia Entry
Platform: Sony PlayStation 3

VGM Entry#55 Kid Icarus:Uprising

Cover by KDJMusic111 (on Youtube)
Song: Main Theme
Game: Kid Icarus: Uprising Wikipedia Entry
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

VGM Entry#54 Final Fantasy IV

Cover by Vanilla Mood
Song: Final Fantasy Main Theme
Game: Final Fantasy IV Wikipedia Entry
Platform: Super Famicom, NDS

I posted another Vanilla Mood cover back in Entry#50.

VGM Entry#53 Area 88/ U.N. Squadron

Song: Enemy Air Force (Stage clear + stage select themes added toward the end)
Game: Area 88 (JP) / U.N. Squadron Wikipedia Entry
Platform: SNES / Super Famicom

VGM Entry#50 Final Fantasy V

Cover by Vanilla Mood  (Japanese site)
Song: Clash on the Big Bridge
Game: Final Fantasy V Wikipedia Entry

VGM Entry#22

Song: Corridors of Time
By: Low-tech Son
Game: Chrono Trigger Wikipedia Entry
Platform: SNES/SFC/Plastation 1/ NDS