4th of July 2011 festival- Thoughts Part 2

I got down there just before the Fire Department demo started and I found myself a nice viewing spot under a tree (on the grass). It apparently takes 5 firefighters to effectively execute this rescue method.  The vehicle was a 4-door sedan that was propped up with angled blocks under each wheel and hydraulic tools. They proceeded to break  the glass from all the passenger ( and driver) doors. With the use of a tool and some human strength, the doors  were removed from the car. The last part was to remove the roof of the car. They used some sort of  powered cutter to slice through the supports and lift the roof (with the front windshield attached)   down to the ground.I found it just as interesting as last year. I’m also glad to see if  this method ever needs to be performed in a real situation, the Fire Department is prepared.

Back to the festival. The carnival  games, rides and attractions were just about the same as last year. Cotton candy is still available.  As I mentioned in an earlier entry the food vendors were using a ticket system for food payment. The exchange rate was $1.00 = 1 ticket.

Here’s what I had

  • Hotdog on bun, Chicago-style (3 tickets)
  • Soda can (1 Ticket)
  • Bob Chinn’s  Crabhouse Lemonade (2 Tickets)
  • Deep fried cheesecake (4 tickets)
The hotdog was good.  The Bob Chinn’s Crab House (Lemonade) was one of those good surprises I was hoping to find. It was very good. Next was my mission to try Deep fried candy. I had originally planned to get deep fried snickers as my first taste of deep fried candy, but a “house” recommendation changed my mind and I decided to be extra “adventurous” and went with Cheesecake. I also got a choice of extra sauce.  The serving size was just right, first time to try this and all. The outside was warm and soft enough to break into with a plastic fork. How was the taste?  To my surprise the “shell” tasted similar to a corn dog, but thinner.  The cheesecake filling helped to give a sweet and creamy flavor with each bite. The filling was mostly warm, but cooler in the center (compared to the previous bites). A bit odd. Good overall experience, could probably only handle that 1 serving I had. Got that “heavy” feeling after I finished, and stood up.  I’m definitely going back to try the Snickers version.
Some of the food/ticket prices were interesting :
 Gyro -8 tickets
 Burrito – 5 Tickets
Pulled pork sandwich – 6 tickets
Pizza slice – 3 tickets
Lemonade (different vendor) – 5 tickets with a discount for refills
Shrimp – 5 tickets
Smoothie – 3 tickets
Funnel cake – 4 tickets
Snow cone – 2 tickets
Good overall food culture variety. American, Italian, Mexican, Polish and Chinese.

Hoffman Estates 4th of July festival 2011-initial thoughts

The 4th of July weekend has rolled around again and that means carnival rides, food tents, games, music, a parade and fireworks. Last year I was going around trying to see everything I could from rides, games, food and entertainment, but this year I will have a more focused experience.  It at the same location as the last time

Hoffman Estates 4th of July Festival 2011
June 30th to July 4th
1900 Hassell Road (Village Hall)
Hoffman Estates, IL  60169

What I’m interested in seeing and trying are:

  • Be adventurous, and try a deep fried candy snack
  • Have funnel cake
  • HE Fire Department vehicle extraction demo
  • HE Fire Department High angle rescue demo
Sadly, there won’t be any food competitions, like last year. Tickets will be used to purchase foods  instead of “straight up” US Dollars.   I’ll be heading down there in a few hours. Hopefully, I’ll be surprised and find more things to do.

Hoffman Estates 4th of July Festival 2010

Hoffman Estates 4th of July Festival 2010
July 1st to July 5th
1900 Hassell Road (Village Hall)
Hoffman Estates, IL  60169

It went on from Thursday night starting with the carnival, till Monday night. Most of the attractions and games were being managed by Modern Midways.

Here’s what I got a chance to see as far as rides:

  • Carousel
  • Dragon Coaster
  • Tea Cups
  • Bumper Cars
  • The “Yoyo”
  • Twirl a whirl
  • Super Slide
  • Air slide
  • Disney themed air house for kids to jump around in
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Frog hopper
  • NFL themed spinning “dish” ride
  • There were ponies for the children to ride on

I don’t really like going on rides so I sat them out and just watched other people have a go.

As for games:

  • Water pistols
  • Cork guns,  to shoot out empty soda cans
  • Throwing ping pong balls for gold fish
  • Shooting basketballs

This is a festival so let’s not forget that there’s also food to be had…

You had the usual carnival food with popcorn, cotton candy and funnel cake. There was also a vendor making malt shakes and smoothies. There were more vendors located inside a food tent…

I thought it was a nice selection of foods to eat.

On Sunday July 4th there was a Pie Eating contest in the afternoon. The event was setup by having two separate age groups, 1-18 and Over 18. The goal of the competition was to finish a single pie in 3 minutes and the person who ate the most pie in that given amount of time won a medal and had their picture taken.  About an hour later a “Bags” contest started. I do have some experience playing the game of bags but I never knew the actual rules until I watched it here. Quite entertaining and I observed some different tossing techniques. I had originally wanted to enter the contest but I didn’t know that it was played in pairs.

A few other things went on aside from the things I previously stated. There was a Pony ride area and a magic show for the kids, a dedicated tent for Bingo games, and a DJ that took music requests. The Hoffman Estates Park district had a wall climbing station setup.  The Hoffman Estates Fire department demonstrated some of their rescue procedures. There were also live musical performances on both Saturday and Sunday. I was able to catch a performance on Sunday, the band was called Covergurl. I thought they were alright but I was really waiting for something else… The Fireworks show.

It was a real nice site to see from the hill I was on.  Most of the fireworks were  had the Red, White, Blue color theme going and at certain points I could feel a vibration pass trough my body when the fireworks popped and crackled. There was patriotic music playing in the background but my focus was mostly up at the night sky. I took the time to look around me and there were a lot of people camped out on this hill.

I had a good time at this 4th of July festival, one that I hope to repeat next year.