Calamansi Juice – from the Philippines

A 250ml can of Calamansi Juice

A 250ml can of Calamansi Juice

A sweet juice drink from the Philippines

“Sweet Memories of Cebu”


The Patio Lombard, IL

The Patio
2780 S. Highland Ave.
Lombard, IL 60148

I had the chance to visit this place last year. After a quick look through the menu I decided to go with a Pullled pork sandwich with a side of fries and a cold soda. A few things I noticed while waiting for my order. There is a container of the house BBQ sauce right at your table. Just in case you wanted to add more.  There also appeared to be a lot of families eating there at the time.

Now back to the sandwich.

The Patio Pulled pork sandwich -image source: The Patio website

The pulled pork sandwich was great. The meat was very tender, the amount of sauce was just right. One thing that surprised me was the amount of meat they actually pack in there. I was hungry when I got there, but I still had a little trouble finishing it because they give you a lot of “bang for your buck”.  Dipping the fries was house BBQ sauce was delicious as well.

There’s more to this place than just this sandwich. They also offer, ribs, chicken, fish, Italian combo, soups, burgers, hot dogs, Onion rings.

I highly recommend that you The Patio out if you like American BBQ food.

Marble Pop – Green Apple

Green Apple Marble Pop. A Ramune-like drink


A soda that originates from Japan. It’s called Ramune in Japan and I guess Marble Pop in the west. This features an English label

One thing I really enjoy about Marble Pop is the variety of flavors.
This specific post is for the flavor called green apple. It’s definitely very fruity  flavored. They hit the apple flavor quite well.

Opening  these drinks involve pushing a marble ball down into a chamber in the glass bottle as seen in the image.

Not Pocky: Meiji Lucky Stick

Meiji Seika's take on "Pocky".

This is the first time that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Meiji Seika’s Lucky sticks. I’m actually more familiar with their chocolate bars and the snack called Yan-Yan.

Each box comes with 1 packet of sticks. The Sticks are a lot thicker than a regular Pocky stick. I found 1 box of Lucky for around $0.99 US while on the Pocky end, a  2-pack of chocolate or strawberry  can be found at the same store for $1.79 US. As as flavors go, Lucky has a more defined biscuit flavor with each bite. I enjoyed both flavors just as much as the competition.

After reading the back of the box, These were made and packed in Indonesia under license from Japan. I wonder how different the flavors would be if it came directly from Japan.

As a long time fan of Glico’s Pocky, I can still see the advantage of a 2-pack box with smaller sized sticks. If Lucky was the only one I could find on the shelves of my local Asian grocery, I wouldn’t hesitate buying them.

Dino’s Cafe Bloomingdale IL

Dino’s Cafe
171 E Lake St
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(630) 924-6200

I recently went to this place after a recommendation from someone I volunteer with at the Food Pantry. What I ordered was the Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast and a glass of Orange Juice.  It was 2 x 2 slices of French Toast with cheesecake filling in between two slices and topped off with strawberrry slices and whipped cream.

It’s an American Cafe place. They offer you Coffee to start off with and have the cream and sweetener right at the table. I would compare it to IHOP. This place is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 7 days a week. The staff was attentive and friendly. You can order Crepes, sausage, hash browns, sandwiches and other things. I’ll definitely come back to try one of the other menu items.

Chick-Fil-A Schaumburg, IL

935 East Golf Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 517 -1173

This location had its Grand Opening back on the 15th of September (2011).  I paid the place a visit this past Saturday, after a recommendation from two people. I ended up getting the chicken (breast meat) nuggets, as recommended by one of the employees. I chose to go with a lesser order of 8 nuggets.  With An order of either the Nuggets or Chick – n – strips (tenders) you can choose a dipping sauce. They have:

Buffalo, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Buttermilk Ranch, Chick-fil-A, Polynesian and Tomato ketup

While waiting for the order, I noticed just how packed the place was with customers. Good thing we decided to take our order to go.  I really liked the nuggets even without  any sauce. From the first bite to the very last.   The Polynesian sauce just helped to add more flavors.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen
1550 East Golf Road
Schaumburg, IL
(847) 413 – 9200



This place has a nice selection of pizzas to choose from. They offer both the regular and thin crust variety. After looking through the menu. I chose to have a Sicilian (thin crust) Pizza, as seen below.

Sicilian pizza CPK

Ham, Sausage, marinara, herbs and cheese. Even though it’s spicy, I found to be quite mild. I also tried a slice of  the Margherita pizza (no picture)  which had a very flavorful cheese on it.

It was busy the Friday night I ate there. This specific locations seems like it can accomidate a large number of customers. For those not in the mood for Pizza, there is Pasta, sandwiches, soups and salads. a Kids menu is also available.  I was quite stuffed by the time I finished my plate of pizza, so I didn’t have room to try anything off of the dessert menu.  I enjoyed the experience of eating there and would definitely go back at some point.