Virtual Fireworks in Battlefield game

Link for mobile devices

Well this was one way to celebrate the Independence day of the USA.  Red White and Blue Fireworks effects going off all over the place. I won’t question the July 3rd date on the video


A new Breath of Fire game?

Looks like Capcom  Japan is making a new Breath of Fire  game. Breath of Fire VI will be an online focused game for mobile, touch devices and the PC.  No word if this is ever going to come out in any other market.


I’ve been a fan since the 2nd game for the Super Nintendo and this is certainly a different path for the series.



Lego Marvel Superheroes video game?

Game Developer Traveller’s Tales is looking to make a game based on Marvel Super Heroes.


Considering the great amount of experience they have with licensed Lego games and how well Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes turned out, I look forward to their take on the Marvel Universe. Hopefully Lego Spidey can web swing around the game world. At least Lego New York City.

Laza Modz Custom XBOX 360 and PS3 controllers

Laza Modz is a  company based in the state of Virginia that modifies original, authentic, brand new PS3 and XBOX 360 controllers. I found out about this via Darksydephil of the DSPGaming youtube channel .

Note before playing the vid: he swears during the video review

PS3 form:
XBOX 360 form:

Rapid Fire modes
Thumb stick color or color illuminated
Controller status light colors
Color of the body/shell of the controller
Logos, custom text or design

You seem to get slightly more customization options with XBOX 360 controllers, more buttons that can light up and button styles.

Best of all they accept modifications of a (PS3/360)  controller that you already own, if your don’t want to pay for an entirely new one. What they call their mail in modification service.

Might be a really cool gift for that console gamer you know…

Winboard: Chess game for Windows

Winboard is a Microsoft Windows port of a Chess game for Unix called XBoard.

Winboard: free Chess game for Windows

Users on Windows Vista and Windows 7 already have access to Chess Titans which definitely offers better graphics. What Winboard lacks in graphics makes up for in other handy features…

  • Take a screenshot of the game board from within the game window
  • Save your  game, so you can continue it later
  • Move list history mini window
  • set (custom) thinking time
  • Use your own sound (.wav) files
  • International languages ( Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese)

You can even use the game board without a computer opponent. This allows you to play with a local human opponent even plan out strategies by playing with both sides of the board.

Thoughts on Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3
Female Shepard, Spacer, Hero,  Engineer Class
Weapons  Pistol, Sniper Rifle, and Submachine Gun
No imported saved data 

!!This entry will have a lot of possible spoilers!!

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this game. Bioware did a really good job on it. I enjoyed the combat, dialogue, Music, graphics and art. I went with paragon choices for most of the events and dialog, except for a few occasions. Did most of the side missions and ran a few scans here and there.

I chose to play as Female Shepard mainly for her voice Actor, Jennifer Hale. The Voice Actors were good in their roles.  The notable ones for me…

  • Female Shepard – Jennifer Hale ( Star Wars KOTOR, Metal Gear Solid,  Animated 1990s Spider-Man)
  • EDI – Tricia Helfer ( Battlestar Galactica)
  • Joker – Seth Green ( Family Guy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Anderson – Keith David  ( The Thing [1980s], They Live,  Gargoyles, Spawn animated tv Halo 2, Halo 3)
  • Aria – Carrie Anne Moss  (The Matrix Trilogy)
  • The Illusive Man – Martin Sheen
  • Ashley – Kimberley Brooks ( Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City)
  • Miranda – Yvonne Strahovski ( Chuck)
  • Liara – Ali Hillis  (X-men Anime, Starcraft II, Final Fantasy XIII, FF XIII-2)
  • Daro’ Xen – Claudia Black ( Stargate SG1, Farscape, Uncharted 2, 3)
  • Garrus – Brandon Keener ( L.A. Noire, The Pacific)
  • James – Freddy Prince Jr. 
  • Bailey – Michael Hogan ( Battlestar Galactica)

The First (tutorial) level is on a future Vancouver (Earth). Where we team up with Anderson, as we make our way to the Normandy SR2. You jump right into your first mission  after boarding the Normandy. This gives you more tutorial info. You eventually get the chance to walk around the Normandy  and talk to named characters,  use the various ship consoles and stations. You can also start exploring the Mass Effect universe.

This game has a few slow motion/walking sequences and sequences you can’t skip.  I beat the game at Level 41, with around 30 hrs on the game clock.  Banshees will be haunting my dreams for a few few days.  I never touched the Multiplayer, probably explains why my war room readiness rating always stayed the same.  Even though I had access to buy the Armor sets, I still chose to handpick the various armor pieces myself.

I wonder if any of my choices on the Citadel Spectre terminal had any effect on the game.
Romanced Comm Specialist Traynor on my first go around.

Aside from playing as a different class or different powers and weapons, there is another reason to replay the game or even raise the difficulty level.

“New Game +”

After finishing the game you can actually use that Save data/profile to start a new game. Here’s what I noticed about this mode.

  • Face can be customized
  • Character name can’t be changed
  • Class can’t be changed
  • You get a chance to set a free, bonus (from squad mate) power before you start the game. Is usually 5,000 credits in the game.
  •  Previously acquired weapons, weapon mods, and armor pieces carry over to new game.
  • If you find a weapon again in the new game, it gets a +3  (on the spot) upgrade
  • Level, money left over also carry over
  • Paragon, Renegade points carry over as is from where you left off.
  • You will need to re-assign upgrade points for you and your squad mates
  • You will be able to upgrade weapons beyond the limit of the first play through.

Having finished the single-player game once, I have a better understanding of why there is a lot of Internet chatter about the endings. I admit that I wanted more from it as well.

There were a few noticeable bugs  while I was playing the game.

  • Camera going into wall, Admiral Hackett is available on vid comm, yet he has nothing new to talk about.  The game also froze/crashed on me a few times.
  • After selecting the bonus power at the start of the “New Game +” I went to change it in the med bay but the slot was empty when I looked for it during the next mission.

As far as Science Fiction ships go, The Normandy is quite a cool ship. Will play through the game at least one more time. May go back and Play ME2 for save game inport to ME3.

Thoughts on Batman Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City (2011)
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Platform: XBOX 360, PS3, MS Windows

Batman and Catwoman'

This is the best Batman I’ve played so far.  The open-world sandbox of Arkham City provides  the player a far more open space to navigate than the previous game. The way it start  was pretty cool for a tutorial section. Allowing you to do some damage to a high-profile Batman villain.

You play through the main campaign/story mode as Batman.  With Alfred, and Oracle in your head via a comm device.
As I was  playing though this game it reminded me of Batman Returns for the Super Nintendo in some ways. The locations vary You’ll  be inside buildings, out on the streets, in the alleys, on rooftops, near water,  below and high above the streets of Arkham City.  One section near the start of the game reminded me of the 1989 Batman movie. The game autosaves every time you enter or exit a building, destroy certain things in the environment. You are treated to a slideshow of  your current mission objectives and recent plot developments when you continue your game.

The City does have its boundaries. If you try to glide over them (using the grappling gun), you get treated to sequence where Batman evades anti-air gunfire! Batman Doesn’t like water either, especially at one point where a shark is waiting for you.

Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing are playable in Riddler’s Revenge mode (Combat challenge maps as paid DLC). Catwoman has her own set of Riddler trophies to collect and upgrades. I’ve only seen a few Youtube videos of the Catwoman story missions.

The combat is still as fun as the first game. Batman does melee attacks with a single button, add the ability to use gadgets and the cape then.  Jump kicks, slide kick, glide kick, knuckle beatdown, silent takedowns. Inverted and ledge takedowns, There are breakable items in the environment ( glass windows, boarded up walls, fire extinguishers) If you fight a large group of enemies, you have a chance to get a higher hit multiplier, while splitting them up by silent takedowns or by using gadgets gives you a better chance of clearing an area filled with enemies.  Detective mode helps you to I.D. and prioritize targets, and other things in the area.

You get XP by knocking out opponents. Bonuses are rewarded for getting a high hit multiplier,  intimidating/scaring enemies, using different gadgets, attacks, and for different methods of knockouts. There even some combat challenges such as having batman catch his own batarang. Other ways to get XP are by destroying Joker balloons, Tyger cameras, Joker teeth and Harley Q  heads. I had fun with the Boss battles Even though I had an especially difficult time with the armored man of chill.

As you go through the game. You will face off against opponents, armed  with only their fists,  Assault riffles, Sniper rifles, shotguns, knives, swords,  bats, pipes, chairs, crates,  grenades, riot shields, shock sticks,melee armor, Hammers. Fights can be one one or many versus one. Guns pose a great threat to Batman even with the optional armor upgrades.

It’s not all about the combat. There are Riddler trophies to collect with the help of your various bat gadgets. When you enter a specific area of the city any unsolved Riddler clues are displayed on the screen. These text clues are solved by  “quick scanning” the environment. The reason why you want to collect these Riddler trophies is because they unlock combat and challenge maps for the Riddler’s Revenge mode, 3D character models, concept art. Readable stories are unlocked by solving the text clues. Character Bios are filled out as you progress through the story and side missions.

I actually beat story mode (Normal) with a completion rate of 50%. Missing out on various side missions, and a ton of Riddler trophies and unsolved text riddles. There are a few side missions in the game. ” Stopping random Acts of Violence”,  “Search and Rescue” and “Search and Destroy”.  Learning how to glide and dive (Augmented Reality). I have yet to finish the second set of tests.

The fun doesn’t end when you beat the story mode. You can keep exploring Arkham City  to complete the side missions, get missed Riddler trophies and beat up some inmates. The game also has a “New Game Plus” mode. Replaying through the entire game with all your upgrades. I tried it and realized how much I rely on the counter-attack indicator. They turn it off in “New Game Plus”.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil   are back reprising their roles as Batman/Bruce Wayne and The Joker respectively. I really liked all the idle chatter that the inmates talk about while you’re going through the game. They do loop if you wait long enough. For Anime fans, Steven Blum is credited as voicing various inmates in the game. I think the in-game music fits with the atmosphere. The rest of the voice acting cast did a fine job. Dialog was entertaining as well.

One little nitpick I have with the game is that the “Level Up” indicator blocks your navigation compass, forcing you to use the upgrade point, to get it  off the screen.

PC gamers with supported nVidia graphics cards will be able to use PhysX, just like the previous game. This adds more visual effects to the game.  Be aware there are some issues with the PC version


Really good game, better than the first in my humble opinion. Being a Batman fan is not required to enjoy this one.

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Image source: Official site Wallpaper section