Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky

This Pocky flavor is Chocolate, crushed almond bits, and then another coating of chocolate. I got a 3-pack box and each bag had 4 sticks. It’s chocolate with a crunchy texture.

Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky 3-pack box

While not my favorite, It’s good for the crunch.

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Asian Food Grocer page


Winter Pocky With Cocoa Powder

Winter Pocky w/ Cocoa Powder- Box art from Jbox

This Pocky is a seasonal flavor (like  Winter White), that seems to have a larger coat of chocolate but also includes a coat of cocoa powder directly on the other chocolate. I really like the play on flavors and textures here. Something I look for every Winter season. 4 packs per box.

Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky

Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky- Box art from Asian Food Grocer

Salt + Pocky chocolate coating. I thought of a chocolate coated salty pretzel after the first bite. I liked it. 2 packs per box.

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Asian Food Grocer page

Mint Chocolate Pocky

Mint Chocolate Pocky - Box art from Amazon

I got a hold of a this flavor yesterday when I stopped by Mitsuwa Marketplace of Chicago, IL. The flavor is what I expected. The standard Chocolate Pocky flavor mixed in with refreshing taste of mint. Each box comes with 2 packs. With every bite, I initially taste the chocolate and then the mint flavor  filled my mouth. Really liked this one a lot.


Winter White Chocolate Pocky

Winter White Chocolate Pocky -box art from Jbox

This is another seasonal (Winter) flavor from the folks at Glico.  This was a surprising experience for me. I was not expecting the bitterness of the  Pocky biscuit stick. It’s coated with a white chocolate cream, as shown in the box art above. After a few bites, it reminded me of a cookies and cream.

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Jbox product page

Pocky Chocolat on Chocolat: Caramel

Pocky Chocolat on Chocolat Caramel -Box art from Amazon

Part of the Pocky Chocolat on Chocolat line of flavors. I made a post about the Chocolat on Chocolat Praline flavor. This is a mix of Chocolat and Carmel.  1 box includes 4 individually wrapped packs, and each pack has 3 pocky sticks. I liked the flavor combination.


Milk Chocolate Pocky

Milk Chocolate Pocky -Box art from Amazon

This is pretty much the same as regular Chocolate Pock, with a sweeter and milky flavor. There are two packs in a single box.  I would recommend this flavor to just about anyone.

Additional Info:
Asian Food Grocer page