VGM Entry#5

Song: Theme of Godzilla (8-bit)
Game: Godzilla
Platform: Famicom/NES


Movie Review: Godzilla vs King Gidorah

Godzilla vs King Gidorah (1991)
Director: Kazuki Omori

Here we go again but this time it’s a much older film from the series.

A group of Time travelers go back in time and attempt to erase Godzilla from the “present” timeline.  They go back in time to WWII to an island where a dinosaur still exists, yes a Dinosaur. This creature gets exposed to nuclear radiation  and eventually mutates into Godzilla.

The time travelers change the past by leaving three flying creatures on the island and the dinosaur is teleported to the bottom of the sea.  This is where King Gidorah comes into the film.  The flying creatures get exposed to the radiation on the island and mutate into a three-headed Dragon called King Gidorah. It was interesting to learn King Gidorah’s origin story. Godzilla appears even though the past was altered. Gidorah and Godzilla fight and stuff happens here and there.

I found the human story to be quite interesting due to the heavy science-fiction influence, Time travel, an android, laser weapons, teleportation and Japan becoming  the #1 “Superpower” in the future.

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Movie Review: Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S.

Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. (2003)
Director: Masaaki Tezuka

Godzilla comes back to destroy Japan.

Mothra is summoned to defend the people but as Godzilla and Mothra trade blows, the Humans decide to use the Mecha Godzilla/Mecha G. Mecha G is basically a Machine version of Godzilla.  It does carry a few extra features. A rocket punch, missiles that fire from the finger tips, a metal tail. The fight turns into Mecha G & Mothra vs Godzilla.  I don’t go into these monter movies expecting too much from the story but it delivered on monster movie action. Things got destroyed, monsters using their attack abilities and the human cast provided some interesting moments.

I enjoyed this entry in the series (more than the 1998 US film) but it is not my favorite.

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