Google Chrome 28 is out

Changing the rendering engine to something called Blink. Changing over from WebKit. There are also changes dealing with notifications on the Windows desktop OS. Security updates as usual.


So I uninstalled Google Chrome…

After experiencing so many  crashes with the past two versions (26 and 27) of Google Chrome, I decided to uninstall it completely from my main computer. The  isolated crashes feature stopped working and with each new update of Adobe Flash, the crashes became even more frequent. I watch a lot of streaming video via Flash Player. Only used two add ons from the Chrome App store.

I’m actually typing this up from Opera Browser.

Google Chrome 27 is out

Google Chrome 27 about

Google Chrome is out and according to the Google Chrome blog:

  • Web Pages load faster
  • Improvements to the Omnibar (Address/search bar)
  • Security fixes

Google Chrome 25 is out

Google has released a new major version of the Google Chrome web Browser. It has been out for a week now.


  • Improvements in managing and securing your extensions
  • Better support for HTML5 time/date inputs
  • JavaScript Web Speech API support
  • Better WebGL error handling
  • And lots of other features for developers

Google Chrome 23 is out!

The stable release on Google Chrome is out now

Google Chrome 23 About Dialog box


  • GPU accelerated video decoding on Windows and easier website permissions
  • Security fixes

To click the page permissions. just click the paper/padlock icon in the address bar. Change settings via the triangle, pulldown menu

Release notes

Google Chrome 22 is out!

Google Chrome About Info with a new look


A new version of Google Chrome has been released this week.


  • Mouse Lock API availability for Javascript
  • Additional Windows 8 enhancements
  • Continued polish for users of HiDPI/Retina screens
  • The Menu/settings button was changed from a “Gear” to 3 stacking lines. Still found on to the right of the address bar.

There are also security fixes. Read about the rest of the release notes here.

Google Chrome 21 is out!


Google Chrome 21 about dialog box

Google has a new version of Google Chrome. Most notable are security updates,  fixes for Flash Playback issues and some audio issues

Read the rest  of the  release notes here