Google Chrome 28 is out

Changing the rendering engine to something called Blink. Changing over from WebKit. There are also changes dealing with notifications on the Windows desktop OS. Security updates as usual.


So I uninstalled Google Chrome…

After experiencing so many  crashes with the past two versions (26 and 27) of Google Chrome, I decided to uninstall it completely from my main computer. The  isolated crashes feature stopped working and with each new update of Adobe Flash, the crashes became even more frequent. I watch a lot of streaming video via Flash Player. Only used two add ons from the Chrome App store.

I’m actually typing this up from Opera Browser.

Google Chrome 27 is out

Google Chrome 27 about

Google Chrome is out and according to the Google Chrome blog:

  • Web Pages load faster
  • Improvements to the Omnibar (Address/search bar)
  • Security fixes

Google Reader service is ending this year!?

So if you’ve logged on to Google Reader in the past few days, you’ve probably seen the prompt below:

The End of Google Reader

The End of Google Reader is coming

While I only really use it for tracking new “podcast” episode releases,  this means I’ve going to have to go back to a desktop client. Hopefully there’s a way to export the subscription list.


Google Maps and Dragon Quest 8-bit maps

For April Fools’  day 2012 the Google Maps team and Square-Enix teamed up to give Google Maps (and Street View) an 8-bit look.

The vid is hilarious. they brought out a  Nintendo Famicom (Family Computer) and everything.

From the Google Maps page.

  • View 8-bit landmarks
  • Be a hero, explore the world
  • Find hidden monsters
8-bit Quest Maps is our Beta Maps technology and has certain system requirements. Your system may not meet the minumum requirements for 8-bit computations.

Google Maps "Quest Mode" of Schaumburg IL and some of the neighboring towns.


The above shows what my area looks like when the Quest Mode is enabled.

Street View near The Streets of Woodfield shopping center in Schaumburg IL.

When you turn on Street view the blue warrior is placed onto the 8-bit map. The actual street view image also goes into an 8-bit color mode.

An area of Chicago IL in 8-bit, Quest view.

What a section of Chicago looks like in the 8-bit view.

I have no clue what those two kids represent though.   Anyway. Have an interesting April Fools’ Day this year.

Additional Info:
Google Maps
Dragon Quest 

Google Chrome 17 is out!

screenshot About Google Chrome 17

Google has released version 17. The first thing I noticed after the update is the change in the “new tab” button. It no longer shows the + symbol.

Another thing is the item on the upper right when you open a “blank” new tab. Google recommends that you use Google Chrome Sync.  To backup (to your online Google account) and sync your bookmarks, settings and history across multiple computers.

History defaults into “edit” mode. You no longer have to toggle edit mode on and off to make specific changes to your history.

key features from the Google Chrome release notes:

  • New Extensions APIs
  • Updated Omnibox Prerendering
  • Download Scanning Protection
  • Many other small changes

Read the rest here . Thanks to Mikecalimbas on Twitter for the tip.

Google Chrome 16.0 is out

Google has released a new stable version of Google Chrome (Browser). More info can be found here on the blog.