That new Iron Man 3 trailer

Marvel UK trailer.

More Mandarin, Iron Patriot,  more Iron Man suits. This is a trailer so certain parts may not make it on the final Film. Looks interesting, especially the last part with the Backup squad.

The movie should be in theaters on May 3, 2013 (USA)


Thoughts on Ultimate Spider-Man TV, 9 episodes in…

9 episodes have aired on the Disney XD (US) cable channel so far and while I like the animation and art style (most of the time), and voice work they do like to use the cutaway and super deformed character forms a lot.  This show really feels like the Teen Titans animated show or a modern, and more comedic take on Spider-Man and his Amazing friends . 

There was one episode where they repeated a Spidey with a jetpack cutaway quite a few times.

The episode I enjoyed the most happens to be Episode 7, Exclusive. An episode where Spider-Man “teams up” with the Incredible hulk, while Mary Jane Watson records the action with her handheld video camera.


Episode 6 alright as well.

Other noteworthy marvel characters that  have made an appearance…
Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Thor, and Venom

New episodes (starting with episode 10) will air  Sunday June 17, 2012 on Disney XD, here in the US.

Thoughts on The Avengers (2012)

Avengers Assemble!

The Avengers ( 2012)
Director: Joss Whedon
Trailer # 2

Before the Movie:

Decided to see the movie at  the  Loews Streets of Woodfield 20

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There was a bit of a time to wait and quite a bit of  a line. People in line were enjoying concession snacks, talking about other movies, movie theaters and just entertaining themselves. The line eventually went all the way back toward the (upper level) concessions.  AMC staff was always around. All part of the Opening weekend experience.

Waiting in line outside the theater room 40 minutes before…

The whole room was packed…Previews for before the feature were:
The Amazing Spider-Man

Thoughts on the Movie:

The movie is 2 hrs and 23 minutes long. As Big Budget movie as you can get ( 220 Million).
Joss Whedon really did it! Action, comedy and story.  Each Hero did have their moment in the to shine. They also get to the point where they seemed very drained.

The Iron Man flight sequences were some of my favorite parts. I would even say they were as  good, if not better than the ones found in the Iron Man movies. We see more of S.H.I.E.L.D (more than just a  link between films)   Really nice how they bought back some of the other characters from previous marvel movies. Stan “The man” Lee makes his usual Cameo at some point. Stay seated until after the credit finish rolling for a little extra something.

Alan Silvestri did an great job with the film’s score. The (main) Avengers theme  was still playing in my mind after the end of the movie. The man can score Superhero films.

That’s all I can really say without going into more heavy spoilers…


My Ticket from the showing. The waiting time and ticket price were both worth it.
I definitely recommended that you watch this film, even if you’re not a comic book fan. Would be willing to watch the movie again. I hope there will be a lot of special features when this comes to Blu-Ray/DVD. Really odd how the US got the movie later than the rest of the world.

Additional Info:
Official Website
IMDB page

AMC Theaters Marvel Movie Marathon

This should be a really treat for the Marvel movie fans here in the state of Illinois. AMC Theaters is having a (Ultimate) Marvel movie marathon on May 3rd 2012. Thursday, starting at 11:30 AM. $40.00 USD a seat. You will be able to watch the following films:

Screencap of the AMC Marvel movie Marathon page

  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • Incredible Hulk ( The Ed Norton Hulk)
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Avengers

In the theater pretty much the entire day. Some of the films will be presented in RealD 3D (see page) There appear to be only two Theaters in Illinois who will be participating:


  • AMC River East 21
  • 322 East Illinois Street
  • Chicago, IL 60611

South Barrington/Hoffman Estates area

  • AMC South Barrington
  • 30175 Studio Drive
  • South Barrington,  IL  60010

The AMC page also lists the other AMC theaters and US Cities participating in this “Mighty” Marvel event.

Ultimate Spider-Man TV series

On April 1st 2012, this new animated Spider-Man series started airing on the Disney XD channel . The setting of the series is in the Ultimate Universe, where Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. knows Spider-Man’s true identity, Mary Jane is Peter’s childhood friend and Peter Parker attends Midtown High. The thing with this particular  Spider-Man is that while he may have the ability to stop the bad guys, problem is that the combat area seems to end up looking like a huge mess.  The Agency is also giving the wall crawler quite a bit of tech.

While I was watching the first two (of the 26 scheduled) episodes, the comedic sequences of the show reminded of  Teen Titans, just more talking to the viewers. Spider-Man is also teaming up with other marvel characters Nova, Iron Fist, White Tiger, Power Man, a 5-member team just like the Teen Titans cartoon.

There are some notable people providing voices for the characters…

  • J.K. Simmons reprises his role as J. Jonah Jameson
  • Tara Strong as Mary-Jane Watson
  • Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker in Clone Wars animated series)  as Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn
  • Stan Lee as Stan the Midtown High Janitor
  • Clark Gregg reprising his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson from the Marvel Live-Action movies

With Brian Michael Bendis and Paul Dini on the production team as Writers/Producers, I hope to at least look forward to an entertaining series.

Additional Info:
Official site
Wikipedia page

Visiting my local comic book shop

After watching an episode on Comic Book Men on AMC, I was inspired to visit one of my local Comic Book shops just to catch up on current DC and Marvel  storylines.

After Scanner through their goods and asking for the store associate for recommendations, I decided to pick up issue #4 of the Avenging Spider-Man series (for $3.99). On the plus side. It includes a code that allow you to read a digital copy of the comic on a iPad, Android tablet or Computer. Avenging Spider-Man features stories of Spider-Man teaming up with other Marvel characters.  Next issue is Spider-Man teaming up with Captain America.

The layout of the shop is quite standard. New releases near the entrance, Marvel and DC have their own sections. They have a display case full of statues of comic book and Pop-culture characters. More comics at discount prices in open boxes. Collected issues in trade paperback are also available.   They appear to hold regular HeroClix games in-store Friday nights. The store associate the day I paid them a visit  was very helpful.  Store info is below.

Got Comics Inc.
330 East Army Trail Road
Glendale Heights, IL, 60139
(224) 353-4902

Another Avengers movie trailer

I just found out about a new trailer for this summer’s Avengers movie

Just wanted to share this for those who haven’t seen it yet.