What Women Want (2011)

What Women Want (2011)
Director: Chen Daming

A remake of the US film of the same name. Andy Lau  takes on the role of the male (Mel Gibson) lead character and Gong Li takes on the female (Helen Hunt) role. While the overall story is similar to the US movie this new retelling offers up a different filming location, culture, and Andy Lau plays the advertising big shot as well as Mel Gibson did.

You can watch this on Netflix 

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VGM Entry #45 Resident Evil (Remake)

Song: Save Room
Game: Resident Evil (Remake)
Platform: Nintendo GameCube

Thoughts on Streets of Rage Remake v5

SOR Remake v5 Title Screen

Streets of Rage Remake is a freeware,  fan made project mixing (and improving) elements of the original Streets/Bare Knuckle game series. It can be played on Microsoft Windows PCs (XP, Vista, 7)   The team at BomberGames has spent around 8 years of effort into this. So what are some of the key features?…

  • Initial Playable characters are Axel, Skate, Blaze, Zan,  Adam, and Max
  • Improved graphics engine. Explosions, shadows, blood, cutscenes, enemies
  • All (initial) characters can run, perform their own signature moves and have new (star) attacks
  • Routes: Choose  on what area to start from with various alternate paths all throughout the game
  • Support attacks (from SOR 1)
  • Remixed Soundtrack, based on the original music by Yuzo Koshiro. I prefer v4’s soundtrack a bit more though
  •  Shop: features to unlock (enable/disable) playable characters, cheats, extras
  • Game takes a temporary snapshot during your finishing blow(s) during  each boss battle (which you see, if you beat the game)

SOR Remake v5 Main Menu

  • 1 Player – just as it says
  • 2 Players (local only) – 2 human-controlled players can play through the game  ( you can enabled/disable friendly damage, if you with )
  • CPU Friend – 1 Human player and 1 computer controlled character can fight through the game
  • Shop – Use the money you earn from completing the main game to unlock  more game features. Blaze is the shopkeeper
  • Extra Modes – Access the different game modes like Survival, Boss Rush, Volleyball, 2-player Battle-mode
  • Editor – player profile editor
  • SORMaker – I haven’t unlocked this feature yet
  • Options – This is where you change game settings for Gameplay , Graphics, Difficulty, Sound, and controls
  • Ranking – in-game points leader board

SOR Remake v5 gameplay

I was playing as Blaze with Axel controlled by the computer.

SOR Remake v5 Weapons

The classic weapons are here. Pipes, bats, swords and knives. Projectile weapns (can be enabled/disabled in options menu)

v5 Character select screen (2-players)

The initial playable characters are Axel, Blaze Adam, Max, Skate, Zan. Each character has three color settings.  You need to unlock a cheat in the shop to be able to play as the same character.

Streets of Rage Remake (v5) 2-player boss battle

Boss Battle with 2 players

SOR remake has 16-bit cut-scenes

Still images and text.

Here’s what you can unlock, when you earn enough points:

  • 6 playable characters
  • Play as uncensored Blaze from Bare Knuckle 2
  • Fight two bosses instead of one
  • All enemies die when bosses die
  • Keep weapons between stages
  • Switch names to Bare Knuckle 3 (Heroes only)
  • Play as Max, BK2 beta
  • Defeated enemies bodies never disappear
  • All enemies explode when they die
  • All swords become lightsabers
  • Always have three stars ( star attacks)
  • Always have a full (special attack) gauge
  • Players can select the same character
  • Weapons never disappear
  • Infinite Ammo for guns
  • Become invincible against projectiles
  • Infinite Lives
  • Art Gallery
  • Character profiles
  • Survival mode – reminds me of the combat  challenges found is Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Volleyball mode
  • Unlock all SOR 1 and 2 characters
  • Boss Rush mode
  • Stage Select
  • View cutscenes
  • Event mode
  • Edit Enemy names

I really think the team at Bomber Games did a great job with this 5th and final version. The game is no longer available for download on the Project’s website due to the recent take down  requests. I’m  glad that Sega let the team finish the project before the take down, I was lucky enough to get a copy of the  game before the take down went into effect. The SORR is floating around on the Internet, you can find it if you search hard enough.  It was around 220 MB in a  single compressed zip file. Uncompressed, it is 420 MBs in size. Nothing to install, just run it when you finish uncompressing the zip file.  The memory usage was around 50 MBs.  For fans of the Original games, you can purchase them on the Wii Virtual Console (1,2,3) , XBOX Live Arcade ( SOR 2 only), Steam/PC ( 1 & 2 as part of  the Sega Genesis Classic Pack 4), iOS  via iTunes ( 1 and 2), PS3/360 on physical discs  Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis collection . Fans of the original games should play it at least once if you get the chance.

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SOR Remake download link take down info via Joystiq, via Destructoid 


Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the earth (2008)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Director: Eric Brevig

I have never watched the 1959 version and I didn’t get to watch this in the theaters so I lose out on the 3D effects but I think this film works as a fun family adventure film. Reminded me of  National Treasure in quite a few ways. Just without the opposing treasure hunters. Not much else to say.

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