Adam Savage builds a “Han Solo” blaster replica

This video was actually posted online sometime earlier in the moth. Adam of The Mythbusters and Norm of  build a replica of  Han Solo’s iconic blaster. The DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol.  I really found this to be quite interesting.  Two guys talking shop about a Star Wars prop.


Qui-Gon Jinn vs Jean-Luc Picard (clip)

I recently found this clip on Youtube, Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart appearing on BBC’s Graham Norton Show


There has got to be a more exciting Captain Jean-Luc Picard out on the market.

Star Wars X-Wing miniature

A Star Wars Miniatures game . While I am a Star Wars fan and and like the idea of Rebel Alliance vs Galactic Empire starfighters, finding a local player would probably be a little difficult. Also seems that you will need a good sized table to setup a large enough  playing field.

I  still prefer to do my dogfights on a digital platform. I will wait a little bit and see if a group or local tournament forms.

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Yoda USB flash drive

Yoda stands upright and waits…

What looks like a mere toy at first glance is actually a USB flash drive! Stands up

The USB computer connector is hidden just under the head. Pull his head up and off to reveal it.   Plug it into an available USB 2.0 port and the drive should be ready to use. There are also  Stormtrooper and Darth Vader editions of the flash drive.

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VGM Entry#49 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Song: Theme of Bastila Shan
Game: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic  Wikipedia Entry
Platform: XBOX, MS Windows

My favorite theme from the game. You can hear “The Force” theme in this song.

Replaying Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for PC

SW Rogue Squadron box art. Image source Wikipedia

With the recent release of Star Wars on Blu-Ray  I had the urge to Replay Star Wars Rogue Squadron for the PC.  I also chose this game to see if this game would run on a newer Windows Operating system. It installs and starts up just fine. I didn’t have to do anything special.   For a game developed with Windows 98 (and the Nintendo 64) in mind, runs stable enough. UAC doesn’t seem to affect the game after the initial install is completed.
The System Requirements are:

Quoted from

Operating System: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX compatible PC.

CPU: Pentium 166 MHz or faster required.

Memory: 32 MB RAM or higher required.

CD-ROM: Quad speed or faster required.

Graphics Card: 3D accelerated video card required–PCI or AGP with 4MB or higher, Direct3D or Glide compatible required.

Sound: Supports 100% DirectX compatible 16-bit or better sound cards.

Input Device: Supports joystick, mouse or keyboard. Joystick recommended. Also supports Force Feedback joysticks. A joystick is not required to play, however, it is highly recommended that you use one. This is a flying game, after all.

DirectX: DirectX 6.0 or higher. DirectX 6.0 is included on the CD and must be installed prior to playing Rogue Squadron 3D.


I really do enjoy these Arcade space shooter games. Flying through Star Wars themed locations, and missions.  You play through the game as Luke Skywalker (who is not voiced by Mark Hamil.) Accomplishing various tasks during the course of each mission.  Having that medal reward system for completing levels  in the game adds some replay value.  The ships you would expect to be playable are here…

  • X-Wing
  • Y-Wing
  • A-Wing
There also other crafts that you can pilot:
  • V-Wing Air speeder
  • Millennium Falcom
  • Naboo Starfighter ( w/ update 1.2)


Using the Air/snow Speeder’s tow cable has caused me much frustration. They seem to break away from the target no matter how I adjust my ship’s speed. The terrain detail and draw distances in general are quite bad. Then again, this is a game from 1998, that just happens to be running on a  more powerful machine. The sound in the game is still good. Laser fire, and other sounds.

Overall, Rogue Squadron II is still my personal favorite.
I wonder why Lucas Arts hasn’t made  a new Rogue Squadron (X-Wing or TIE Fighter) game for the current generation of gaming consoles.

Books- Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy…I am 20 years late

I have finally read the Star Wars  Thrawn Trilogy, 20 years after it was first published. This book trilogy consists of the following books , all written by Timothy Zahn

  • Book 1:  Heir to the Empire
  • Book 2:  Dark Force Rising
  • Book 3:  Last Command
I’ve read several other Expanded Universe  book, but I’m not  sure why I never read these books until now.  I’m so glad that I did.  Thrawn was definitely an interesting enemy. He’s  an expert tactician and strategist. He finds cloning tanks and uses them to make a clone army. He also used creatures called Ysalamir. They have the ability to create a bubble where The Force is nullified. This made for some exciting parts in the books because Luke couldn’t use his Jedi skills at certain points. Thrawn also recruits a (cloned) Jedi Master.
Another character of note that was introduced in these book was Mara Jade, The Emperor’s Hand.  A very strong female character in the Star Wars EU. Skilled smuggler, pilot,  Knowledgeable in Imperial methods and tactics.  What made this even more interesting was that Mara Jade has a strong dislike for Luke Skywalker. Due to both her opinion and Palpatine’s influence.
I now understand why Star Wars fans also seem to mention this Trilogy whenever I ask for their Expanded Universe book recommendations. I may also look into the Dark Horse comic adaptation at some point.
Additional Information: 
Amazon – Heir to the Empire  The 20th Anniversary Edition (Book 1 of 3)