Apps of Interest: Notepad++

Use: Text/ Source Code Editor
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Current Version: 6.1.2

Notepad++ Main Window with multiple tabs in use

A text editor like the built-in Microsoft Windows but with a few enhancements…

Tabs:  As seen in the screenshot above, You can have more than one text (.txt) file open organized in a single application Window just like modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.)  Notepad++ can also remember what tabs/documents you had open (Sessions) when you close the main window.   Documents tabs will usually appear blue. Red means that there is unsaved data in the document and grey means that the document was set into “Read-only” mode.

User Interface Languages:   This application supports a great many languages from around the world.

Programming Languages: Recognizes  CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, Java Script, C++, Python, Ruby and others. Notepad++ also saves to the proper output files as well.

The application only  uses up 14 MBs of storage space and around for 12 MBs of RAM while I had the three text document tabs open for the screenshot.