Britannia Treat: Orange and Pineapple prank

picture of Britannia Treat Orange flavored cookies

The Orange flavor was alright, but I do like Orange soda.

Picture of Britannia treat Pineapple prank cookies

I’m not sure why it has the word “prank” in the flavor. Tasted like (artificial) pineapple flavor.

These are creamed filled cookies packed in a round wrapper. By just looking at the graphics on the wrapper. This snack is targeted toward the youth.

Additional Info:
Britannia Treat page


Halloween 2011

There weren’t too many kids knocking at the door this year. Around a dozen or so. It was a School day and the strict time of 3 – 7 PM probably contributed to the low number.  The one costume I remember the most was Luigi ( from Super Mario).


This also means more leftover candy for me to munch on. I also tried a new candy this year, Wonka Chocolate Waterfall.

Except they were the bagged fun size version. The combo of Milk and White chocolate is really good.  I recommend that chocolate lovers out there give it a try.



Halloween 2010

The foot traffic at our home was an increase over last year by almost double. Even with the strict time frame  of 3-7 PM. There were a few costumes that stood out, Venom, Spider-Man, Witches and Princesses.

When the night was over I handed out around 60-80 pieces of candy. The 6 bags of candy I had was a bit overkill but now I have something to snack on. Perhaps next year I’ll actually hand out the candy while in costume or something.