Jack Links Jerky Chew – How do you eat it?

I recently tried some (Original flavor)  Jack Link’s Jerky chew/shredded beef jerky and it was quite a strange experience. Small round container with shredded meat inside. After taking the lid off, I was confused on how to use the product. I ended up and chewing small spoonfuls (for neatness)  of it for a little bit before gulping it down. It had the some flavor but lacked an enjoyable texture. Any details as to “How To” eat this thing properly would be great.

I definitely prefer the regular beef jerky form over this shredded version.

Additonal Info:
Jack Link’s website



2 Comments on “Jack Links Jerky Chew – How do you eat it?”

  1. tonyx35 says:

    Ah, Thanks for the tip. I was definitely doing it all wrong.

  2. What you do is chew it like tobacco pack your lip and suck on the flavor then chew it

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