Snacks from India: Mari Banana Wafers

Sealed bag of Bombay Magic Mari Banana Waffers

Sealed bag of Bombay Magic Mari Banana Waffers

Theses banana waffers/chips are seasoned with black pepper and salt.

Quite different from the  sweet banana chips I’m used to seeing.


Snacks from India: Plain Chakri

A package of Bombay Magic Plain Chakri

This snack from India is for those who like spirals.  This is literally flour and spices in the shape of a spiral. This form does help to add texture to the snack.


Snacks from India: Puri “for Bhel”

A package of Puri

These are for a lack of a better word, like round chips. Good for the crunch, familiar and easy to eat.  Bombay Magic also offers Masala flavored Puri, but “Puri for Bhel” is the neutral version. mainly flour, and light on the Indian spices.


Britannia Treat: Orange and Pineapple prank

picture of Britannia Treat Orange flavored cookies

The Orange flavor was alright, but I do like Orange soda.

Picture of Britannia treat Pineapple prank cookies

I’m not sure why it has the word “prank” in the flavor. Tasted like (artificial) pineapple flavor.

These are creamed filled cookies packed in a round wrapper. By just looking at the graphics on the wrapper. This snack is targeted toward the youth.

Additional Info:
Britannia Treat page

Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky

This Pocky flavor is Chocolate, crushed almond bits, and then another coating of chocolate. I got a 3-pack box and each bag had 4 sticks. It’s chocolate with a crunchy texture.

Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky 3-pack box

While not my favorite, It’s good for the crunch.

Additional Info:

Asian Food Grocer page

Not Pocky: Meiji Lucky Stick

Meiji Seika's take on "Pocky".

This is the first time that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Meiji Seika’s Lucky sticks. I’m actually more familiar with their chocolate bars and the snack called Yan-Yan.

Each box comes with 1 packet of sticks. The Sticks are a lot thicker than a regular Pocky stick. I found 1 box of Lucky for around $0.99 US while on the Pocky end, a  2-pack of chocolate or strawberry  can be found at the same store for $1.79 US. As as flavors go, Lucky has a more defined biscuit flavor with each bite. I enjoyed both flavors just as much as the competition.

After reading the back of the box, These were made and packed in Indonesia under license from Japan. I wonder how different the flavors would be if it came directly from Japan.

As a long time fan of Glico’s Pocky, I can still see the advantage of a 2-pack box with smaller sized sticks. If Lucky was the only one I could find on the shelves of my local Asian grocery, I wouldn’t hesitate buying them.

Winter Pocky With Cocoa Powder

Winter Pocky w/ Cocoa Powder- Box art from Jbox

This Pocky is a seasonal flavor (like  Winter White), that seems to have a larger coat of chocolate but also includes a coat of cocoa powder directly on the other chocolate. I really like the play on flavors and textures here. Something I look for every Winter season. 4 packs per box.