Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky

This Pocky flavor is Chocolate, crushed almond bits, and then another coating of chocolate. I got a 3-pack box and each bag had 4 sticks. It’s chocolate with a crunchy texture.

Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky 3-pack box

While not my favorite, It’s good for the crunch.

Additional Info:

Asian Food Grocer page


Marble Pop – Green Apple

Green Apple Marble Pop. A Ramune-like drink


A soda that originates from Japan. It’s called Ramune in Japan and I guess Marble Pop in the west. This features an English label

One thing I really enjoy about Marble Pop is the variety of flavors.
This specific post is for the flavor called green apple. It’s definitely very fruity  flavored. They hit the apple flavor quite well.

Opening  these drinks involve pushing a marble ball down into a chamber in the glass bottle as seen in the image.

Winter Pocky With Cocoa Powder

Winter Pocky w/ Cocoa Powder- Box art from Jbox

This Pocky is a seasonal flavor (like  Winter White), that seems to have a larger coat of chocolate but also includes a coat of cocoa powder directly on the other chocolate. I really like the play on flavors and textures here. Something I look for every Winter season. 4 packs per box.

Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky

Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky- Box art from Asian Food Grocer

Salt + Pocky chocolate coating. I thought of a chocolate coated salty pretzel after the first bite. I liked it. 2 packs per box.

Additional Info:
Asian Food Grocer page

Mint Chocolate Pocky

Mint Chocolate Pocky - Box art from Amazon

I got a hold of a this flavor yesterday when I stopped by Mitsuwa Marketplace of Chicago, IL. The flavor is what I expected. The standard Chocolate Pocky flavor mixed in with refreshing taste of mint. Each box comes with 2 packs. With every bite, I initially taste the chocolate and then the mint flavor  filled my mouth. Really liked this one a lot.


Gamers Heart Japan Special

Full video, 60 minute run time

Western Video/PC gaming industry personalities share  some of their favorite (Japanese)  games. Favorite Japanese game creators and thing they like about the land of Japan.

Pocky Chocolat on Chocolat: Caramel

Pocky Chocolat on Chocolat Caramel -Box art from Amazon

Part of the Pocky Chocolat on Chocolat line of flavors. I made a post about the Chocolat on Chocolat Praline flavor. This is a mix of Chocolat and Carmel.  1 box includes 4 individually wrapped packs, and each pack has 3 pocky sticks. I liked the flavor combination.