Having trouble watching the Olympics online stream? Try using Firefox

I  began watching the online Streaming content on NBCOlympics.com . Looks like they are using Youtube and Adobe Flash Player this time. For the 2008 games they used Microsoft Silverlight. Makes sense though, Youtube has proven itself in streaming live events and proving a “video on demand” experience.

For some odd reason I was experiencing an issue trying to confirm my TV service provider, in order to access the Live Stream and the Full replays. While using Google Chrome to navigate the site, pressing the confirmation button only made the page refresh and prompt for my information over and over again.

I decided to try Mozilla Firefox and that Adobe Flash Player plugin. Lucky for me it works. I am able to watch both the live streams and Full replays of the events. Only had to do it that one time too. Just wanted to share this tip to anyone trying to watch the games online.


Adobe finally supports 64-bit Web Browsers

With the release of Adobe Flash Player The flash player Plugin finally supports Internet Explorer 64-bit. This is a useful feature for users of Microsoft Windows (Vista and 7) 64-bit.  I wonder when Firefox and Chrome will get around to releasing 64-bit versions of their software.


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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Facebook edtion

It’s been many years since I ever played a Carmen Sandiego Game. This version seemed quite familiar when I first ran the app. Still looking for clues (Who is the V.I.L.E. agent is) and you chase after suspects from place to place, get your arrest warrant and nab the criminal. You still level up from solving cases  The graphics are Facebook friendly. The game is still in beta and fans of the old game might want to give it a try.


For those who are curious. Here’s what the old game looked like

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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (game) Wikipedia Entry


Ustream: NHK and TBS news streams for Japan Quake & Tsunami

For those who are interested in keeping up with the news on the  Japanese disaster situation, there are two Ustream channels that you can watch.

NHK World TV– English languange.  Thanks to Danny Choo on twitter for the tip.
TBS- Japanese language

This is the first time I have ever really used the Ustream service. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to view the video.


Flash Player 10.2: Fullscreen video on Multi-monitor setups

This has been a feature that I’ve been interested in for quite a while now.  Not because I have a dual or triple monitor setup, but I get asked the question “How do keep the flash video at full screen on 1 monitor, while still wanting to use the other monitor for stuff?”. I had read of a hack a while back, but now we have official support.

Update to 10.2 via this link.

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MaximumPC (Source)
Adobe Flash Player Team Blog


Thoughts on: Stark Tower Defense

For the most part this is a straightforward Tower Defense game except that the player’s units are themed after characters from the Marvel universe.

Dr. Doom and the Lethal Legion are launching a major assault to capture Stark Tower. Can you stop them?

  • Ms. Marvel ( this is oddly the weakest unit in the game and is the only unit that  can’t attack aerial enemies)
  • Spider-Man (this unit slows down and damages enemies)
  • Iron Man (better damage and range)
  • Cyclops ( even better damage and range)
  • Thor ( Can attack multiple targets)

You progress through the game by defeating waves of enemies that come in from different areas of the “board” as they attempt to make their way past your defenses and into a particular building on the “board”.  As you move up levels in the game the number  of enemy units per wave increases. The units also get stronger, armored ground, flying and boss units start appearing. I’ve gotten to at least level 11 but it usually ends soon afterwards.

Your units can be upgraded of course to increase ( damage, range, rate of fire) for the right amount of cash, which you acquire by defeating enemy units.

I find it to be a fun, free online game to play from time to time. Play it through your web browser and make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed.

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Game web page