Happy Halloween 2013

It’s Halloween and so I’ve got to get the candy prepped.  I checked the weather and it looks to be a rainy day. The whole day. I wonder how many people are going to continue with outdoor trick or treat?  Hope everyone else has a fun and safe one.


Here is a Light show syncronized to the Ghostbusters theme song.


The Cluless Gamer playing PC horror games

Late Night talk show host Conan ‘O Brien is also known as  “The Clueless Gamer” a segment in his show where Conan sits down and plays some video games. While he usually plays on an Microsoft XBOX 360, this time he’s playing on a Microsoft Windows PC. He plays 3 games, Slender, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast.


Getting into The Legend of Korra

While I was never really a watched the show that came before (Avatar: The Last Air Bender)  this one, I  found the story, setting, and overall animation to be really interesting. Taking place several years after the previously mentioned Avatar series.  Fighting occurs with the use of techniques that not only use melee combat but elemental attacks and technology. The show also features a female main character.

A new Breath of Fire game?

Looks like Capcom  Japan is making a new Breath of Fire  game. Breath of Fire VI will be an online focused game for mobile, touch devices and the PC.  No word if this is ever going to come out in any other market.


I’ve been a fan since the 2nd game for the Super Nintendo and this is certainly a different path for the series.


Source: http://kotaku.com/after-twelve-years-for-better-or-worse-were-getting-a-987213649

Google Chrome 28 is out

Changing the rendering engine to something called Blink. Changing over from WebKit. There are also changes dealing with notifications on the Windows desktop OS. Security updates as usual.

So I uninstalled Google Chrome…

After experiencing so many  crashes with the past two versions (26 and 27) of Google Chrome, I decided to uninstall it completely from my main computer. The  isolated crashes feature stopped working and with each new update of Adobe Flash, the crashes became even more frequent. I watch a lot of streaming video via Flash Player. Only used two add ons from the Chrome App store.

I’m actually typing this up from Opera Browser.

Update 2013: Volunteering at a Food Pantry

Still been regularly serving at the Food Pantry/Care Center since my last post. My actions have continued to indirectly affected the lives of hundreds of families. Meeting new volunteer members, chatting it up with fellow team members. Seeing different food products and brands. I’ve  also been learning about the complexities of  diapers, training pants, and various feminine care products. As one of the people responsible if we had stock/usable inventory for that particular service day.   The biggest thing was dealing with changes in preparation for “The Move” new procedures and floorplans and serving times.


The facility at Hoffman Estates is now closed Since Memorial Day Weekend  and  the New Facility will  open early this June. Located on the main Campus of The Willow Creek Community Church.


67 E. Algonquin Road
South Barrington, IL 60010
(224) 512-2600


With this new/larger facility we will be able to help even more families all around.