I’ve been really getting into Beat Hazard

For anyone that doesn’t know Beat Hazard is an arcade spaceship shooter game that uses your own digital music collection. I decided to start tracking my song selection and various other stats and thoughts on how a song affects the space shooter element.



Post #1

Details can be read here
This my first post and the songs I chose were:

  • Frets of Fury. A remixed Street Fighter II song. The remix can be found onOCRemix
  • For the Smiles of Tomorrow (Anime)


Post #2

Details can be read here
The songs I talk about here are:

  • I’ll make a Man out of You. From the movie soundtrack of Disney’s Mulan
  • Riders of Light. A battle theme from the video game Bayonetta



















The 2014 TMNT trailer is out on the Internet

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ TMNT reboot movie trailer has been released for public viewing. You can read  my initial thoughts/reaction here.

Mega Man The board game gameplay

If you didn’t know about it already, Jasco Games is developing a Mega Man tabletop board game. The video above is prototype gameplay footage showing off Mega Man and Roll going through a few stages and boss battles.

Looks like you can leave gameplay questions in the comments section and have a good chance of getting a response.

A few freezing days

Here in Illinois, we have been experiencing some really cold weather. For the past few days the temps have been below freezing. -14 , -11 and haven’t hit above freezing. This is on top of the several inches of show that we got.

It’s been so bad that none of the local restaurants were willing to deliver and the public schools are closed because of the cold temps.

Don’t use Memtest86 3.x on newer computers

So I was troubleshooting this Toshiba Notebook when I wanted to check if the memory/RAM was in working order. Here comes in Memtest86. The only problem was that I didn’t have a dedicated CD-R boot CD made of the latest release.

I used an old version of Memtest86 it was version 3.3 or something. It loaded and ran the tests. Saw the CPU as a Intel Pentium III @ 2.0 Ghz.  In actuallity the CPU was an Intel Pentium Dual core @ 2.10 Ghz

Spider-Man: Toxic City posts

Spider-Man: Toxic City (2009)
Platform: Mobile/Cellphones
Developed by Gameloft
Style of game: 2D beat ‘em up


Initial Impressions of the game

Missions/Level guides


In depth on the Gameplay mechanics:

Happy Halloween 2013

It’s Halloween and so I’ve got to get the candy prepped.  I checked the weather and it looks to be a rainy day. The whole day. I wonder how many people are going to continue with outdoor trick or treat?  Hope everyone else has a fun and safe one.


Here is a Light show syncronized to the Ghostbusters theme song.


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