Google Maps and Dragon Quest 8-bit maps

For April Fools’  day 2012 the Google Maps team and Square-Enix teamed up to give Google Maps (and Street View) an 8-bit look.

The vid is hilarious. they brought out a  Nintendo Famicom (Family Computer) and everything.

From the Google Maps page.

  • View 8-bit landmarks
  • Be a hero, explore the world
  • Find hidden monsters
8-bit Quest Maps is our Beta Maps technology and has certain system requirements. Your system may not meet the minumum requirements for 8-bit computations.

Google Maps "Quest Mode" of Schaumburg IL and some of the neighboring towns.


The above shows what my area looks like when the Quest Mode is enabled.

Street View near The Streets of Woodfield shopping center in Schaumburg IL.

When you turn on Street view the blue warrior is placed onto the 8-bit map. The actual street view image also goes into an 8-bit color mode.

An area of Chicago IL in 8-bit, Quest view.

What a section of Chicago looks like in the 8-bit view.

I have no clue what those two kids represent though.   Anyway. Have an interesting April Fools’ Day this year.

Additional Info:
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Dragon Quest 


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