Firefox 5 Beta 2: I don’t notice anything different

I decided to Jump on to the Firefox 5 Beta testing wagon. Can’t say I notice anything different in terms of the UI. A few of my plugins are incompatible and every time I run the Acid 3 test, I get a 97% rating. I’m guessing it’s just improvements for HTML5 and general browser performance.



Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Facebook edtion

It’s been many years since I ever played a Carmen Sandiego Game. This version seemed quite familiar when I first ran the app. Still looking for clues (Who is the V.I.L.E. agent is) and you chase after suspects from place to place, get your arrest warrant and nab the criminal. You still level up from solving cases  The graphics are Facebook friendly. The game is still in beta and fans of the old game might want to give it a try.


For those who are curious. Here’s what the old game looked like

Additional Info:
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (game) Wikipedia Entry


Thoughts on: Firefox4 Beta 12

This will be a follow-up to my previous Firefox4 beta post.

Things I’ve noticed since the post above:

  • Improved general browsing experience
  • The Tabs, “Firefox” button and Window (minimize, restore, close) buttons are on the same row
  • Purple Firefox button when in “Private Browsing”
  • You switch in and out of “Private Browsing”  using the same window. Tab session is saved (restored) when changing to normal browsing mode
  • URL previews (when you hover your mouse pointer over links) appear at the bottom of the browser window. No longer found in the address bar
  • Being able to enable/disable Hardware Acceleration
  • I do miss the padlock icon being in the lower right corner of the window when on a secure page.

Firefox seems to be borrowing ideas from Google Chrome which I’m alright with. Hopefully, my feedback and contribution to the User Studies will be useful to the Firefox developers.