Firefox version 30 is out

We go from version 29 to 30 and the biggest change is a quick button that shows a pull down menu for your favorites/bookmarks. Placed next to the “bookmark” star button.


The color scheme and default look of the tabs still remind me of Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox 24 reminder

Version 24 of Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser was released last month. Performance and security fixes. Also adds “Close all tabs to the right” feature.

Firefox 16 is out!

It actually came out last month.

About Firefox 16 Dialog box


Read the release notes here

Mozilla Firefox 15.0 Released

Late last month Mozilla released a new version of the Firefox Web Browser.

Firefox 15.0 About dialog box

  • Silent, background updates
  • Web GL enhancements
  • memory optimization for add-ons
  • various HTML 5 support enhancements

Read the rest of the release notes here

Mozilla Firefox 14.01 and Google Chrome 20 are out !

A new version of these two browser were recently released. Firefox, this week and Google Chrome last week.

About Dialog box for Mozilla Firefox 14.01

A security fixes, Auto complete on “Awesome bar”, and Full Screen support for Mac OS X  Lion 
Read the full release notes here



About dialog box for Google Chrome 20 stable release

Mainly an update to the built-in Adobe Flash player and security updates

Read more details here

Firefox 13.0 is out!

About Dialog Box

Mozilla released the latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 13 new “Most visited”

One new feature that was added is the “Most visited sites” page.  Firefox has now joined Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer by adding this feature

A new toolbar found on your “Home” page

This Toolbar can be found at the bottom of the browser window, whenever you load your Firefox home page. Access, Downloads,  Bookmarks, settings and restoring your previous browsing session.
.  You can read the rest of the release notes here.

Firefox 12.0 is out!

About Firefox 12.0 Dialog box

Mozilla has released version 12.0 of the Firefox browser. Read the release notes here.