Qui-Gon Jinn vs Jean-Luc Picard (clip)

I recently found this clip on Youtube, Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart appearing on BBC’s Graham Norton Show


There has got to be a more exciting Captain Jean-Luc Picard out on the market.


Hulu’s New layout (2012)

So anyone who’s been on Hulu.com recently has probably noticed the difference in the Website’s layout. Something that may remind you of another video streaming site. Netflix.

Hulu.com’s front page 2012

The top features an ever present Hulu menu bar

  • “Home” link
  • Browse drop-down menu
  • Search box
  • Queue
  • Social sharing setting
  • and quick access to your account page

Shows youwatch: A selection of shows based on the history of shows you watch

Poplular shows/episodes for the week

Going Viral TV for Kids

Classic Cartoons and more

Top 100 Clips

Top 100 clips

They also include Movie trailers and and more contend Recommendations on the page. Before the overall change, I did notice that they Player controls changed

New player control bar with 10 second rewind

Options: Captions, quality settings


Having trouble watching the Olympics online stream? Try using Firefox

I  began watching the online Streaming content on NBCOlympics.com . Looks like they are using Youtube and Adobe Flash Player this time. For the 2008 games they used Microsoft Silverlight. Makes sense though, Youtube has proven itself in streaming live events and proving a “video on demand” experience.

For some odd reason I was experiencing an issue trying to confirm my TV service provider, in order to access the Live Stream and the Full replays. While using Google Chrome to navigate the site, pressing the confirmation button only made the page refresh and prompt for my information over and over again.

I decided to try Mozilla Firefox and that Adobe Flash Player plugin. Lucky for me it works. I am able to watch both the live streams and Full replays of the events. Only had to do it that one time too. Just wanted to share this tip to anyone trying to watch the games online.

Update June 2012: Volunteering at the Willow Creek Care Center

Fellow Willow Creek volunteers and their families. Chatting and listening to the band.

Willow Creek held an event at the Church parking lot yesterday. As a “Thank You” event for the volunteers, general announcements and a (large) group photo session.

Serving teams from the various days gathered together at the tables or stood around and chatted before the speakers took to the stage.They announced the launch of a new website for the Care Center. There was a live band on stage, and we ate a Chick-fil-A meal. A (tasty) Regular Chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A dipping sauce, a bag of classic Lays potato chips and a very yummy cookie.

My Willow Creek Care Center volunteer t-shirt & letter group reminder

The above is a picture of the Volunteer T-shirt  I received during the event along with the letter formation note for the photo.  The event ended with some dancing and  the team leaders getting recognition onstage. I had a fine time there.

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Avengers: Battle for Earth trailer (E3 2012)

This game is being developed by Ubisoft for the Wii U and XBOX 360 Kinect. Looks like the PS3 Move is not being included, at this point.

VGM Entry#56 Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

University of Maryland Game Symphony Orchestra 
Medley of Wind Waker themes/ “Hyrulian Highlands”
Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Wikipedia Entry
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube

Thoughts on Ultimate Spider-Man TV, 9 episodes in…

9 episodes have aired on the Disney XD (US) cable channel so far and while I like the animation and art style (most of the time), and voice work they do like to use the cutaway and super deformed character forms a lot.  This show really feels like the Teen Titans animated show or a modern, and more comedic take on Spider-Man and his Amazing friends . 

There was one episode where they repeated a Spidey with a jetpack cutaway quite a few times.

The episode I enjoyed the most happens to be Episode 7, Exclusive. An episode where Spider-Man “teams up” with the Incredible hulk, while Mary Jane Watson records the action with her handheld video camera.


Episode 6 alright as well.

Other noteworthy marvel characters that  have made an appearance…
Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Thor, and Venom

New episodes (starting with episode 10) will air  Sunday June 17, 2012 on Disney XD, here in the US.